A Teepecker shirt design for the Merpcrew!


This design is a collaboration between Fleeks and the talented Stupid Shepherd!

Show the world where you get your delicious wedges. Get the design silk screen printed on a high quality tee from B&C!


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The shirt will be available as Men Fit and Girly Fit!


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THE WEDGE is based on a concept of Axel and StupidShepherd


Sergals are a creation of mick39. Profits will be shared with her!


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What the heck is THE WEDGE?


Trying to take a slice out of the ordinary? Head on down to the most happening spot this side of town, The Wedge!

From our made from scratch cheesecake to our signature cheddar wedges, our diner offers the tastiest cuisine for sergals of all ages to enjoy, all at a price that can't be beat!

✪✪✪✪✪ in The Wedgy Gourmet

"The Wedge is an awesome place to meet other merps and look for people to race! I love their milkshakes and the cheesecake because of how natural it is! The scenery on a Friday night is to die for! Overall I give The Wedge a 5/5 cheese wedges on the cheese wedge scale" -Kessler

0/5 in The knitting Nevrean

"This is not a good location! Youth gangs in front of it! I felt threatened! Nobody should go there." -MerpolionSenior

✪✪✪✪✪ in Merp Adviser

"The Wedge has always been one of my most favorite places to dine out. The Wedge always makes me smile when I visit it! All the good times I have had with my pals, you can't beat it! Some may ask, what makes the Wedge special? Well just look around! Its the only place like it. From the great food to the time correct atmosphere, there isn't anything bad to speak of! Besides that there could be more sergals there of course! If you are finding yourself wanting a bite to eat, wanting to find a cool place to hang out, head on down to the wedge! I'm certain you won't be dissapointed!" -Axel

A common scenario in front of The Wedge

Art by StupidShepherd

Characters by Axel and Kessler